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7/16 New starter boss and more! - Fri, 17 Jul 2020 02:05:53 +0000Read more!5/22 Major bug fixes - Fri, 22 May 2020 11:03:26 +0000Read more!Small update 4/26 - Sun, 26 Apr 2020 07:21:07 +0000Read more!Update Week of 4/20 - Mon, 20 Apr 2020 22:23:53 +0000Read more!
New world bosses
  • Added Freiza (first, second, and final form), Super Buu, and Perfect Cell as new world bosses replacing Glod. These bosses are very strong, but with the right team, you can kill them easily
  • Added Random Dragon ball that will give you a random star dragon ball, once you have all seven, click the One Star Dragon ball to combine them and make your wish at a VERY high tier piece of gear. You can get Freiza gear(melee/mage), Perfect Cell gear, Super Buu gear(tribrid), and even the ultimate SSGSS gear(tribrid)
  • Made Heavenly gear tribrid
[Image: c7233d1d9e4eceb790e74065d69666df.gif]

New world event
  • Added a type event that will reward the first person to type a set of random characters
[Image: unknown.png]

New loot
  • Added Brimstone keys and the chest, every custom monster will drop 1-3 of these keys (excluding multi bosses for now). This chest contains various skilling items, rune items, gwd items, various amounts of ultra mystery boxes, Brimstone ring, Ferocious gloves, Basilisk jaw, Spiked manacles, and Inquisitor’s armour
[Image: unknown.png]

Updates for members only
  • Added a thieving stall, an agility ladder, and an afk essence rock for members only, added a Member’s only all in one skilling area

Bug fixes
  • Pathchecker for combat fixed
  • NPC Pathfinder improved
  • Player Pathfinder improved v2 (Diagonal is annoying)
  • Can manually cast wind strike again
  • Fixed rune pouch
  • Gem rock mining has been fixed
  • Fixed the trade option on Party Pete
  • Fixed pet bonus damage with magic
  • Fixed pathing in Monarch room
  • Flax picking has been fixed
  • Cutting regular trees has been fixed
  • Made scythes work closer to how they do on OSRS (Based on NPC Size) [Max 3 NPCs]

Known bugs

  • A lot of spells show that they require pure essence
  • If someone loses connection while in warriors guild there’s a chance they’ll log back in and get stuck in place there.
Update 3/1/2020 - Sat, 29 Feb 2020 06:57:51 +0000Read more!