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5/22 Major bug fixes - Fri, 22 May 2020 11:03:26 +0000Read more!
New items and features

New items:
The vitality suit is now out, current the only way to get this will be from donating, next patch I will be releasing a new boss and 3 new sets that haven't been seen yet, but will include the vitality suit will be released for free from that boss

Added casino tokens, 1m, 50m, 500m, 1b tokens, each token will be able to be purchased/sold for gp from a shop located at home. These tokens will be used for automated gambling/minigames in the near future.
[Image: 779af447e08a3fc46ddf7a92fbac5a72.png]

New features:
We've added a pop-up interface for the type event, along with this, we've added a command to give better rewards for it. If you don't like seeing it, you can right click it and close it.
[Image: 7efd2ab5eab51cc26b431e3a28b802b5.png]

The Varrock tele in the spellbook tab will no longer open up the teleporter, instead, you will now use the world icon next to the minimap
[Image: d41ce6856e156a027f08fdcafa4f6da0.png]

We've added another pop-up interface for deals.
[Image: 3987c2dbe4abd681162281f9430279f7.png]

We've added framework for sliding/fading interfaces, you will see this with the type event as well as well as the deals interface.

Noxious scythe has been buffed

Superior dragon bones have been added to the brimstone chest

VIP players will no longer need cell keys to get into the cell room

Trading in pieces of T3 gear will no longer give you a key piece but instead a whole key

In cell room, you will now receive a message in chat when the key is dropped

In cell room, the first three rooms will be affected by drop rate, previously it was only the boss room

T1, T2, and T3 drop rates are now much lower, while T4 is slightly higher

Hades, Link, and Zeus will now hit a lot lower, but will still hit through prayer, and the drop rates are extremely lower

Lowered the defense stats on T1, T2, and T3 custom bosses

Bug fixes:
  • POSSIBLY fixed the damage/npc bug where you can’t deal damage until the player that starts it relogs

  • Replaced the null item from mystery box with 500 bolt racks

  • Removed the bronze keys you start with

  • Fixed the new player login message

  • Fixed the world boss loot, now everyone who deals 250+ damage will get rewarded

  • Fixed the name of Freiza, now it will display the real form

  • Fixed the damage for all three Freiza forms

  • Dragon bones, Dragon balls, and cell room keys are now stackable

  • Scythes now gives proper xp

  • Scythes now get proper boost from pet

  • Scythe and barrage group hits will now correctly aggro npcs

  • NPCs will now de-aggro if target is too far away

  • NPCs will respawn in the correct location now (Some were bugged)

  • Dwarven cannon now shows up for everyone (With animation)

  • Dwarven cannon now rotates and fires faster

  • Dwarven cannon now doesn’t skip the NW to N rotation

  • Combat pathchecker for melee and projectiles have been fixed up a bit (Projectiles are still a work in progress)

  • Fixed the prices for thieving stall items, and fixed the message for how much the shop will buy the items for, it will no longer say 33% less than what it really is

  • Fixed the tiles at Catacombs, all tiles should be able to be walked on

  • You can now create the kodai wand with the insignia and master wand

  • Crystalline staff is now one handed

  • All bows are now two handed

  • Mithril dragons area is now walkable again

  • Lava dragons are now accessible

  • Dragonfire ward and Ancient wyvern shields will now protect from dragonfire

  • Fixed using item on object

  • Fixed doorhandler, all added doors should now open and close properly
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