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Starting guide

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When you first log in, you can select which game mode you want to play in, regular, iron man, ultimate iron man, or extreme. Iron man gives 5% drop rate boost, and ultimate iron man and extreme both give 15% drop rate boost

For training combat, you’re going to want to ::mbox and get some levels and some gear from the boxes, here you can get a 5% drop rate pet and some good starting gear; alternatively, you can go to the slayer masters and get a task from Turael.

Once you get some decent gear, you can open up the teleporter, go to Minigames, and teleport to Shayzien assault. You can get a lot of decent rewards from here, including a Fighter torso, an Abyssal whip, and an Amulet of fury. Each npc you kill here will grant you 1-5 points.

For those of you who like to make skillers, or skill before combat, there’s a whole teleport tab, in the teleporter, dedicated to skilling. If you'd like, you can also purchase a bond for $10 and get membership, this lasts for 30 days and you get access to a member's only all in one skilling area, and an extra 5% drop rate.

What’s next?:

Once you’ve got 90+ combat stats, you can open the teleporter and select Custom Bosses, and start with the first 3 easy bosses, Dinh, Wyvern Slayer, and Ancient Warlock. Once you get a decent amount of drops there (at least 3 pieces) you should be able to move onto Monarch (Easy group boss) or you can move onto the medium bosses, Bone Warrior, Seren Worshipper, and Cystalline mage. Again, once you get 3+ drops from there, you can move onto the hard bosses, Hanto, Anima core of Zamorak, and Attuned mage. You can turn your duplicate tier 3 loot into key pieces for Cell room, which is where you'll go to next, and get all the best loot that you can before you move onto the final 3 group bosses, Hades, Link, and Zeus.

Don't forget to join the discord to know when we're doing events and giveaways!

Good luck and have fun!

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