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First updates!

(This post was last modified: 02-28-2020, 09:24 PM by Hexic.)

Capture the Flag

Our new minigame, joined by talking to the Doomsayer at home!
The Main focus points are as follows:
10 Minute game tim
2v2 minimum to start
First to 5 points wins
Reward for winning is 5 CTF tickets
Reward for tying is 1 CTF ticket
You will be given options for gear after selecting your team, there’s max magic, max melee, max range, magic/range hybrid, and melee/range hybrid. If you would like to change your loadout, operate your team cape (WARNING: THIS WILL DELETE ALL YOUR ITEMS)

Combat changes

Npcs will now target the first player that attacked the npc, or the first player the npc attacked (if they're aggressive).
Their pathfinding has been changed too, which should give npcs better clipping and work properly.
Player's attackstyles will be remembered on changing weapons (autocast spells while wearing staves too)
Npcs have all been given their proper respective defenses, so you could be more accurate using say crush on Rock Crabs!

Player Pathfinding

Player's pathing has been improved, and it's all being calculated server side now, which should prevent client-side noclipping from ruining game integrity.
There are still some tiles that do not have proper clipping yet, which you should report on the forums or discord.

Minor updates

  • Added discord hooks for messages
  • Changed max prestige from 10 to 10,000
  • Ironman accounts now get 5% bonus drop rate
  • Added a “Trade” option to Party Pete
  • Added a “Starter box” that will give new players a Starter sword equivalent to a Dragon scimitar, a Starter bow that is equivalent to a Magic shortbow, a Starter staff that is equivalent to an Air staff but has built in runes for all strike and bolt spells, and 2 Super mystery boxes, or 2 Ultra mystery boxes
    Changed how all npc stats work, meaning Hades, Link, and Zeus are much much easier now, though they can still hit 99s, it won’t happen as often. Monarch may be weaker too, I also changed his HP to 10,000 instead of 25,000
  • Added 3 new bosses meant to be tier 3, Hanto, Anima core of Zamorak, and Attuned mage
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed how prestige bonus experience is done and should no longer cap at 4x
  • Fixed edgeville dungeon teleporting to Count Draynor
  • Fixed the duplication bug with Fighter torso, defenders, and RFD gloves
  • Fixed a bug with monarch not showing how many points you earn
  • You can now note/unnote items on the grand exchange booths
  • Fixed the “Trade” option on Ak-Haranu
  • Fixed lamps giving construction experience when selecting hunter
  • Fixed the smithing button on lamps (it wouldn’t select it)
  • Fixed an issue when talking in clan chat after using ::Stuck
  • Players will no longer lose the items in their looting bag when dying in raid
Known bugs
  • You can’t manually cast wind strike
  • If someone loses connection while in warriors guild there’s a chance they’ll log back in and get stuck in place there.

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