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7/16 New starter boss and more!

(This post was last modified: 07-17-2020, 02:07 AM by Murci.)

New stuff:
There is a new boss, the Blood dragon, the entranceĀ to this boss is located at ::mbox, it is also suggest to be fought with gear obtained from ::mbox

With this boss there is a new box to open, the Blood mystery box, which contains three new sets along with some other items

[Image: 3dae4306e2976be81381c4e9ba394442.png]
[Image: a0764bbc4bc4abb3c936256df453e12a.png]

Starter armour has been slightly nerfed

Wyvern gear has been buffed slightly

Players will no longer lose items on death, unless they are in the wilderness or they are an Ultimate iron man

Trading post has been disabled until further notice

This isn't available yes, but construction is nearly finished and almost ready for testing

Bug fixes:
  • Another possible attack npc bug fix
  • Fixed Hades, Link, and Zeus chances to double/triple hit people, and their special attack is now dealt as magic damage
  • Fixed updating for regular donors on high scores
  • Cleaned up pathfinding for shayzien assault and slayer tower
  • Fixed pets duplicating on login
  • Fixed pet healing with mage
  • Moved the Hero spawn in ardy 2 spaces to the north
  • Another possible fix for the npc/damage bug
  • Restored and updated some dialogues
  • Fixed objects on other height levels
  • All glories will now work and lose chargesĀ 
  • Fixed range damage against combat dummy
  • Fixed bug with dialogue not closing
  • Fixed opening super potion sets
  • Fixed intanced clipping
  • Fixed pathing to target
  • Fixed projectile clipping

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