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You are allowed to have multiple accounts online
You are only allowed to have one account participating in events hosted by staff and/or players
You are only allowed to have one account participating in any minigame

Account sharing:
You are not allowed to share your account(s) with multiple people, it's okay if it's your family and you're not participating in events on both accounts, or minigames
Buying and selling accounts is forbidden and your account(s) will be wiped
You are not allowed to loan your account out to anyone
You should never share your password with anyone

Advertising any other server will result in a permanent ip/mac ban, this includes links to other servers, links to other server's discords, links to other server's social media, and advertisement threads on rsps forums

Use of any third-party program to achieve any goal that would be rather time consuming is forbidden

Bug abuse/Glitch abuse:
Any bug or glitch that is game-breaking MUST be reported IMMEDIATELY
Any dupe found on accident or on purpose MUST be reported IMMEDIATELY

Any discrimination, whether it be racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or anything else is against the rules and will be taken care of accordingly

Staff impersonation is strictly forbidden, those who impersonate staff will be punished

Real world trading:
Buying and selling donations is allowed
Selling in-game items, accounts, and services is not allowed, anyone caught doing this will have their account(s) wiped

Keep it in private messages if you're going to do so
This will never be allowed in clan chat, or public chat(at home, events, etc)
Swearing is allowed when it's not directed towards anyone

Ban/Mute evading:
Creating alternate accounts to avoid a ban/mute is not allowed and is strictly forbidden, chances are, if you got punished, then you deserved it
If you want to be unbanned, or unmuted, make an appeal

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